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Nikhil Bhade
Jun 14, 2024
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About Voice Club
Voice Club is a premier on-demand audio consultation platform designed to connect users with real people for meaningful conversations and expert advice. The app ensures seamless connections with ideal partners, transforming them into close companions, regardless of background, profession, or location. Users can engage with astrologers, legal advisors, emotional support specialists, and more. By prioritising secure, encrypted calls, Voice Club provides a trusted, transformative experience. Emphasising genuine connections and lasting friendships, Voice Club positions itself as an essential resource for personal growth and professional guidance.
Voice Club’s objective is to increase app installs among young adults seeking companionship and to drive users to make in-app purchases for Voice Club’s audio-based consultation services. The campaign highlighted Voice Club's unique ability to connect users with real people for meaningful conversations and expert advice. This approach aimed to emphasise the value of genuine connections and the affordability of the diverse professional consultations available on the platform.
hypergro’s approach
Hypergro's online campaign for Voice Club utilized an AI-driven, strategic, and focused methodology, focusing on young adults seeking genuine companionship. By creating compelling narratives around real, meaningful connections, the campaign showcased Voice Club’s ability to foster close relationships. Leveraging content creators to speak authentically about their experiences on the platform, the campaign effectively communicated its value proposition.
UGC Videos
UGC videos were pivotal in creating organic awareness and driving app installs by leveraging real user experiences and testimonials. These videos deeply resonated with viewers, showcasing genuine interactions and satisfaction with the app. The authenticity of the UGC resulted in higher engagement, broader reach through shares and recommendations, and ultimately more app installs, as potential users felt more connected and assured by the real-world endorsements.



App Installs



Cost Efficiency



Hypergro’s targeted online campaign for Voice Club successfully achieved its objectives. The campaign led to a 200% increase in app installs. It also demonstrated significant cost efficiency, with the cost per install being 40% lower than their previous marketing operations. Additionally, the use of UGC videos and authentic user experiences resulted in engagement rates 60% higher than typical industry averages. This broader reach through shares and recommendations significantly increased brand awareness for Voice Club.

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