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Jumbaya's Leap in EdTech: Targeting Mothers to Inspire Young Readers

B2C, Education

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Neha Soman
Dec 13, 2023
About Jumbaya
Jumbaya is an innovative platform dedicated to the power of storytelling and reading, especially for children. It recognizes the significant role that storytelling and reading play in a child's growth and development. The platform's primary focus is on creating a unique and essential story-reading platform that makes immersive storytelling and the joy of reading accessible to children globally. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing young minds through engaging stories, Jumbaya positions itself as a vital resource in children's educational and developmental journey.
Jumbaya aimed to increase app installs within a specific demographic: children of a certain age group. The challenge was targeting this demographic indirectly, as direct marketing to children is not feasible.
"We at Jumbaya are thrilled to share our exceptional experience working with on our recent campaigns: the Storybook Challenge and the Ramayana Trailer Reaction Challenge. surpassed our expectations by delivering high-quality and highly engaging videos that resonated with our audience. The content was not only compelling but also instrumental in reducing our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to a remarkable Rs. 6. The operational efficiency of the team was equally impressive; their proactive and timely support ensured a smooth and successful campaign execution. Moreover, the AI features integrated within the platform have demonstrated immense potential, offering innovative solutions that can benefit brands looking to enhance their digital presence. We wholeheartedly recommend and look forward to our continued collaboration"
Shailesh Prithani
CEO, Jumbaya
hypergro’s approach
Hypergro's online campaign for Jumbaya showcased a strategic and targeted approach, focusing on reaching an audience that would most benefit from and be interested in the app – mothers. By creating video ads that highlighted the educational benefits of Jumbaya, they effectively communicated the value proposition of the app. The campaign's alignment with social media and content marketing best practices ensured a broad yet focused reach. This well-executed strategy led to a notable achievement of 1,250 app installs, with the most impactful video ad yielding an impressive cost of just ₹7.7 per install, demonstrating the campaign's efficiency and effectiveness.
UGC Videos
Our UGC (User-Generated Content) videos helped create organic awareness and drive app installs in a more authentic way by leveraging real experiences and testimonials from users. These videos resonated more deeply with viewers as they showcase genuine interactions and satisfaction with the app. This authenticity led to higher engagement, broader reach through shares and recommendations, and ultimately, more app installs as potential users feel more connected and assured by the real-world endorsements.





Hypergro's targeted online campaign for Jumbaya successfully focused on mothers, effectively using video ads to highlight the app's educational benefits. This strategic approach led to an impressive 1,250 app installs, with a standout video ad achieving a cost-effective ₹7.7 per install, exemplifying the campaign's efficiency and impact.

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